Full Face Makeup Lessons




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The Obsession: Why makeup & skin care?

Work 1 on 1 with of our professional makeup artist to customize a look for your special occasion or design a look for you to recreate yourself!

What you should know…

What is the makeup artist's “style”?

As makeup trends are always changing and each individual has different needs, our beauty professional isn’t limited to certain styles. However, her aesthetic vision as an artist is soft, fresh, timeless & elegant. She has a passion for, and focus on creating natural, polished looks, and loves to enhance a client's natural beauty. We love for our clients to look & feel like the best version of themselves.

Will my makeup application last?

Our beauty professional uses a variety of professional waterproof and water resistant products along with studio application techniques, and your makeup should last most of the day and into the night.
Expect the usual minor touch-ups such as replenishing your lipstick or blotting or powdering shine from your face once in a while. We recommend you choose and supply your own lip color (for touch-ups the rest of the day and evening) but it is also a good idea to invest in a pressed powder compact compatible with your skin tone.

How last minute can I book an appointment online?

You can book an appointment online up to three hours before the appointment time. If you need an appointment sooner than three hours please call or text us directly at (678) 948-7588.

I need to book you sooner than the 8am appointment that is available on the website. Can I schedule earlier?

Absolutely! If you need an earlier appointment time an “Early Bird” fee of $20 PER early hour will be applied.


What BB Said

“While I am a huge advocate of finding your inner beauty first and foremost, I absolutely love the idea of playing on the outer beauty as well”


“What’s unique about my approach is that I ask questions and listen first, finding an opportunity to educate and evolve my clients”

What BB said

“There is definitely a transformation that takes place during the makeover process, and it’s not just a physical one”

BB said it

Professional Skin Care & Makeup by Licensed Aestheticians

I’ve requested (booked) an appointment online. Now what?

Once your appointment is booked online you will get TWO emails. One will detail your appointment day, time, and service type, and the other with an invoice for a nonrefundable deposit. A MINIMUM payment of 30% of the total is required to secure the appointment slot and will go towards your services. Please be advised, requested appointments will ONLY be secure once the payment is received. Again this deposit is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

Something came up, and I need to cancel my appointment. What do I do?

You may cancel your services at any time. However, you will forfeit any and all deposits made. You can apply your original deposit towards another appointment within 30 days of your cancelled appointment. Brides, please see a separate policy regarding cancellation.

Are there any travel fees associated with the appointment?

Not if you decide to come to location but, our convenient mobile service allows you to save time and money, while helping you to relax in the comfort of your home. The price of travel is INCLUDED within a 10 mile radius of Buckhead (30309). If, however, you are outside of this radius a travel fee WILL be applied. Also, If you are staying at a hotel, parking validation or reimbursement is required. YOU MUST PROVIDE US YOUR APPROXIMATE LOCATION for the travel quote.